Steam & Aether Fast Play Rules

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Rules for Steam & Aether, designed by Mark Latham and Andrew May, illustrated by Des Hanley and Paul Gallagher.

Steam & Aether Fast Play Rules (SAFPR) are an innovative, simple to play set of skirmish rules for in the world of Steam & Aether. Designed as a quick introduction to the world of gaming with your Steam & Aether miniatures they are quick to pick up, and yet allow plenty of depth for your first forays into the nightmare world of post-cataclysmic France.

SAFPR features:

  • Element based turn order.
  • Overwatch mechanics
  • Missile and Melee Combat rules
  • Special Weapons
  • Leadership Command Qualities
  • Open War: An Introductory Scenario

SAFPR rules are designed for two players, each controling a force of Steam & Aether modles. In the future we will be expanding these rules with more options for your forces, more situational special rules and more scenarios.

32pp A5 Black and White PDF booklet with diagrams.

 Steam & Aether Fast Play Rules